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Early Childhood Collective Impact Communities

  • Early Childhood Utah (ECU) received a five year Federal Grant for $426,600.00 annually for an early childhood (prenatal to three) collective impact project.
  • ECU chose three communities to participate in the project including Ogden United Promise Neighborhood , the City of South Salt Lake , and San Juan County .
  • The primary goal of the project is to show a 25 percent increase in developmental screening scores from baseline for three year old children through a two-generation intervention approach.
  • A secondary goal is to strengthen collective impact strategies for Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems in the identified communities, as well as create a program that can be scaled-up in other Utah place-based communities.
  • ECU proposes to do this by working with existing collective impact groups and early childhood groups to enhance the work they are doing and create a collective impact for children and families in the community. These teams would be comprised of health professionals, mental health professionals, early childhood educators & caregivers, and parents.
  • The teams would work to identify specific needs in their communities and then work together to ensure that children, prenatal through age 3, are developmentally on track to learn when they go to school.
  • The grant funds will increase Home Visiting services and Help Me Grow resources, and will empower the local early childhood teams to align services and build capacity to positively impact pregnant mothers and families with young children.

For additional information on this grant please contact Stephen Matherly.

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