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Early Childhood Integrated Data System

The purpose of the Early Childhood Integrated Data System is to strengthen data systems for planning, collaboration and accountability, as well as facilitate data sharing and coordination among early childhood programs in Utah.

The goals of ECIDS are:

  • Evaluate long term outcomes for children who participate in early childhood programs.
  • Improve child outcomes and the quality of early childhood programs by promoting data-driven decision making.
  • Answer key policy questions regarding early childhood programs and services.
  • Provide data that is timely, relevant, accessible, and easy to use in order to answer policy questions.
  • Facilitate the State of Utah's ability to participate in funding opportunities by collecting basic information on children, early childhood professionals, and early childhood programs throughout the state.

  • The data integration project will facilitate the use of data to address five broad policy questions:

  • Are children birth to age 5 on track to succeed when they enter school?
  • Which children and families are and are not being served by which programs and services?
  • What characteristics of programs are associated with positive outcomes for which children?
  • What are the education and economic returns on early childhood investments?
  • How is data being used now and how will data be used in the future to inform policy and resource decisions?

For additional information on ECIDS please contact Stephen Matherly.

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